Manga Review | I Seriously Can’t Believe You… by Jimi Fumikawa

Title: I Seriously Can't Believe You...

Iida is popular. Girls constantly surround him, but he's never had a girlfriend. This intrigues Kon and his friends, who are trying to figure out why such a handsome and popular guy is single. They ultimately end up at one conclusion: maybe he's gay? Unwilling to let go of his curiosity, Kon decides to confess to Iida, hoping to reveal whether or not he's gay. The confession ends in rejection, though Iida is very kind and considerate about it, which Kon is surprised by. Once again, Kon is only further entranced by Iida.

However, what Kon doesn't know is that Iida is gay, and his sudden confession has started Iida on a spiral. Iida didn't know who Kon was before, but now that he's received his confession, Iida can't help noticing him no matter where they are. He's gone through great effort to hide his sexual orientation, including avoiding other men as much as possible. But for whatever reason, Iida just can't seem to escape Kon. I mean, Kon already confessed to him. Would it be so bad if Iida took the plunge and tried to get close to him in return?

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