About the Blog

Welcome to my Boys’ Love Library!

I’m Eve Healy, your BL Librarian.

I have been obsessed with romance stories for a long time. Unfortunately, I never really had a place to share all my thoughts on any manga, manhwa, light novels, danmei, and romance novels I’ve read, so I created this blog (and my YouTube channel) to share my opinions and recommendations with as many people as possible. If you couldn’t tell from my posts already, I am a self-professed fujoshi, so a majority of the content I review is BL/yaoi/shounen-ai. I do review other genres of romance, but BL is my preference (thus the BL library). I hope you enjoy the content here!

I exclusively review official and completed releases (minus any that might have once been completed, only to come back with more content later on – I do my best to keep up, haha). I also record video versions of every review for those who would prefer to listen over reading (some older reviews still need a video, which I am working on). All of the links I provide are to the legal and official translations, where I have personally purchased and read the series in my reviews. Please support the official releases if you are able so we can continue to enjoy the wonderful work of our favorite authors and artists.

The schedule is now a review every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at 8:00 a.m. CST. I try to be active on social media (mainly Reddit and Twitter X), but writing and reading will always take priority.