BL Library | 2023 Omegaverse Tag

Hi! Welcome back to my site. More importantly, welcome to my BL library. I am your BL librarian.

This is a new series I want to start where I go through a specific tag within BL, talk about what it means, and then find everything I read the previous year (or years) within that tag – the favorites, the mids, and the misses. Each section will be linked below for quick navigation.

Today, we will be going through my library’s archives and finding all of the titles I’ve read with the omegaverse tag over the past year, 2023 (I’ll also be including some from 2022 since this series is starting so late in my time of reviewing things). These are what I have read and reviewed over the year, not what came out that year.

With that being said, let’s get started.

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