Manhua Review | Bug Boy Boyfriend by Tu Jie Zi

Title: Bug Boy Boyfriend (Tapas) | SOS! My Love Has A Bug (Comikey)

Xiao Fan is your average student… or at least she wishes she was. In actuality, she is the daughter of a venomage – a shaman who uses nature and the venom of animals for various experiments. Though Xiao comes from a line of powerful venomagi, Xiao herself couldn't care less about it and would rather pretend like it didn't exist. This is primarily due to the stigma around venomagi. They are discriminated against and generally hated by the general population, which is why Xiao does everything in her power to hide the fact that her mother is one.

Unfortunately, this becomes much more complicated once Xiao's mother creates a human-type venomal – a living creature made up of venom, animals, or other natural properties. This venomal is a moth-boy who goes by Yamu. As a recently manufactured bug-human hybrid, Yamu is prone to causing trouble whether he tries to or not. While Xiao is vehemently against his very existence, Yamu is inexplicably drawn to her like a moth to a flame.

As much as she doesn't want to, Xiao grows attached to Yamu, and they quickly form a bond. However, because Yamu is a rare hybrid venomal, he quickly draws the attention of many other dangerous venomagic practitioners who want his power for their own venomals. Yamu isn't the only one in danger, though. As it turns out, Xiao, though she never wanted anything to do with venomagic, is destined to a fate that could force her away from everything she loves.

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Manhua Review | Kitty Boy by Yi Wan Zhou

Title: Kitty Boy

Eva Qiao is a senior in . To finish out her final year, she moves into the first floor of a home near the campus. Upon moving in, she discovers something inhabiting the basement. To her surprise, it turns out to be a man, but not just any man. It is a man with cat ears, fangs, claws, and a cat tail, and he is desperately searching for his master.

Eva initially wants nothing to do with the mysterious cat man, who refers to himself as 51 and plans to throw him out. However, memories of her time in a science institution where she encountered a young boy like the cat-man soften her heart, and she decides to adopt him, dubbing him Rusty Qiao. Rusty and Eva now must navigate the world together as Eva does her best to live an ordinary life when she is anything but ordinary, while Rusty longs for nothing more to grow closer to his new master.

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