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Hi! Welcome back to my site. More importantly, welcome to my BL library. I am your BL librarian.

Today, we'll be going through all the mail I received in February 2024 and checking out all the BL manga, manhwa, manhua, merch, and more.

Before we dive in, it is worth noting that no one in this sponsors me. These were all purchases made with my money.

Hanger – Volume 3

I read all of this digitally and then decided to collect physical copies. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the third volume anywhere, so I found it on eBay. It turns out Tokyopop had it available directly from their site, so I paid way too much for it, but that's okay. I got it before the release of Volume 4, so it was worth it.

Bond of Dreams, Bond of Love – Volume 1

I've owned the entire series except for Volume 1 forever. Once again, I had to travel to eBay, but I did find it. I'm so happy to finally have the complete collection. You have no idea how satisfying it is to finally see it all on my bookshelf.

Maiden Rose – Volume 1 and 2

I paid far too much for this incomplete series, but I was desperate. I saw the OVA and was obsessed with reading it, but as far as I can tell, it is out of print. So, I got on eBay and purchased the set, and I have no regrets. It is so worth it to finally own these, and I can only hope we get more released. Putting that energy out there.

Mask DanshiSaikawa and Sayama Acrylic Stands from Yiggybean

I love this ongoing series, and when I saw these individual stands of the main characters, I had to get them together. Such a cute and underrated series.

Painter of the NightAcrylic Stand from Yiggybean

When I saw this, how could I not get it? Painter of the Night is beautiful; as expected, the stand is equally beautiful. A stunning series equals a stunning stand, for sure. I have read all of this series, but I'm waiting on the side stories before I review it (as of writing this). I will go ahead and say if I have a stand for it, it is amazing.

Yiggybean Note

It was a fantastic surprise to find a note requesting my autograph. Of course, I am more than happy to oblige. Signature incoming, Yiggybean. Thank you!

Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation (Manhua) – Volume 5

I am so happy that manhua is getting licensed for physical release. Manhua artists are so talented, and this is no exception. Having the danmei series alongside the manhua was a no-brainer for me.

Lullaby of the Dawn – Volume 2

Though this is the second volume, I actually haven't read this series yet. It is beautiful, and I fully intend to read it, but I'm just so terrified of things going out of print before I get a chance, so I have a dedicated TBR pile for ongoing titles like this one.

Romeo – Volume 1

I have been waiting for this release for so long. I had it pre-ordered, but the pre-order was delayed, and I eventually assumed I would never get it. So, to finally have it in my hands is amazing. It's wrapped, so you know it's good. It looks absolutely stunning, and I am so excited to start this (hopefully, the wait for Volume 2 won't be so long).

Having My Favorite In The Middle Of The Night / My Darling Has My Favorite – Acrylic Stand from Animate

This is my favorite couple from one of my guilty pleasure series, Grim and Masachika. I have never seen merch from this series, so when I saw this, it was an instant buy. I am beyond stoked to have this, especially for my favorite couple. It's like it was meant to be.

Kabukicho Bad TripAcrylic Stand from Animate

This is one of my favorite short series. The art is beautiful, and I couldn't just get one stand from this store, so of course, I got this one, too. I already have a couple of stands for this series, but there is never enough merch for these BDSM baddies.

Mask DanshiAcrylic Stand from Animate

If you can't tell, I really like this series so far. I got the two individual stands from Yiggybean, but when I saw them in a pair, I had to get them. They belong together in the manga and stand form.

Tashiro-kun, Why're You Like This?Acrylic Stand from Animate

This series is hilarious, and I love all of the characters. I typically don't care for these square-style stands, but when I saw my boys looking all cute together, I just couldn't resist.

Kiraide Isasete (Official English Title: Hate Me, but Let Me Stay) – Acrylic Stand from Animate

Now, this one is actually from a series I haven't read. It isn't currently licensed in English, but I've seen spoilers all over Twitter. Though I haven't read it, I am in love with it because it's a child-rearing heavy omegaverse. The main couple is pure goals, and I just had to have it. I'm sending all the energy I have in the world that this will be picked up one day so I can finally read it.

Your Wings and MineIn Another Universe

I adore this series and proofed some of their work, which I'll be bringing up later in this post. They put such care and attention into their physical prints; how could I not get them? They're stunning, and if you've not read this series, it's free to read on Webtoon and Tapas. It's hilarious, and I think you'd be missing out if you don't check it out.

Case File Compendium – Volume 1

This guy is thicc. I love all the danmei coming over, and I've been picking up every title I can get my hands on. This cover is stunning, and I am pumped to give this a read. Modern-setting danmei is something I really want to read more of, and this was a perfect pick, I think.

Therapy Game Restart – Volume 3

I'm terrified to admit this, but I have yet to read any of the original series, and I have not started this restart series. I know, I know. Why the hell am I buying this, then? Once again, I am paranoid. I love how the art looks and intend to read it, but I'm so scared it will go out of print by the time I get around to it, so here I am. I promise it's on my TBR pile.

The White and Blue Between UsOne-Shot

I love a good BL one-shot, and I was pumped when I saw Kodansha was dropping this one. I'm not so sure the art is my style. But I have learned plenty of times over now that the art can sometimes be a barrier to an amazing story, which I hope this is. I'll let you guys know soon.

Love is an Illusion! – Volume 5

If you've been on any of my social media or platforms for any length of time, you'll know Love is an Illusion! is one of my favorite titles of all time. There was no question that I'd be collecting every volume; of course, they are all stunning. I hate that the cover has Chowon, but we can just ignore that.

Living with HimOne-Shot

This is Animate's first physical release in the US. It is stunning and feels like good quality. It is in my backlog to review thoroughly, but I'll just say it was well worth a physical purchase. I really hope this is the first in a long line of print releases from Animate because they have a killer BL catalog (please publish Kabukicho Bad Trip, please, please, please).

98.6F – Volume 1 and 2

Here we have the spicy collections of their Patreon works from their series Your Wings and Mine and spin-off AU series Bloom and Zoom. It's humor. It's sex. It's proofed by me. It's everything. I love this series so much, and this was precisely what my degenerate heart needed.

I Cannot Reach You – Volume 7

Once again, a series I have not started yet, but it is so freaking cute. I know it's childhood friends, which is a killer trope, and the art looks absolutely precious. As soon as this series ends, I will be all over it.

Star Crossed – Volume 1

I saw this artwork, and it blew me away. I knew I had to have it. Not to mention, this is about a king and his… guard? Knight? Something like that? And I am all in. I really want to check out more BL work from Western creators, and this was an insta-buy for me on that front. If you guys have any recs, please feel free to leave them in the comments.

Tokyopop Mega Haul

This was a huge surprise. I had pre-ordered a ton of stuff from the Tokyopop store for their Valentine's Day sale, and I wasn't expecting to get so many of them BEFORE they even dropped. Pro-tip: Buy directly from Tokyopop to get titles early. This is an absolute feast, and here is everything I got:

To say I'm excited is an understatement. Thank you so much, Tokyopop. I am fed.

My Print Samples

Sure, this is a bit of self-promo, but it is still BL. I want to start selling some signed physical editions, and I picked four titles to start with. I really like how they look, so I'll be ordering a larger number of these four titles. If you'd like to check out my work, including these upcoming signed editions, check out my author website. For the signed editions, they'll be signed and shipped directly to you with a goody snuck in there.


This is everything I got in February 2024. If the product was still available at the time of writing, I went ahead and linked that. If I had already reviewed the title, I also linked that. It was really fun sharing what I got with you guys (and, if you decide to watch the video at the top of the post, doing something to show off my dogs). Let me know if you'd like to see more for the rest of the year, and comment below.

Otherwise, I'll catch you next time. Bye!

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