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There will be spoilers for the series Wonna Do It?!.

Trigger Warning: There may be references to slut-shaming, harassment, sexual assault, , including unsafe BDSM practices (breath play/choking), non-consenting porn, sextortion/blackmail, implied child abuse or neglect, and obsession, as it appears in the manhwa.


Won is going to a gay bar, but not because he's gay. One of his gay friends has been harassed by another patron, one that many refer to as “wacko” due to his aggressive attempts at seduction and his strange eyes. Won is going as a sort of bodyguard, though he hopes to maybe pick up any women hanging around there, too. That quickly goes out the window when he meets the person he is supposed to guard against: Hong Yun.

Unfortunately for Won, Hong Yun's attention goes from the friend he was meant to protect to Won himself. Yun wants to bed Won, and he refuses to take no for an answer. Won would love nothing more than to just leave the bar and never look back, but he made a promise to his friend that he intends to keep. Yun takes full advantage, talking Won into drink after drink until Won blacks out.

Much to his horror, by the time Won comes to, he's in bed with none other than Yun. Won has no intention of going along with Yun and intends to leave, but Won is much stronger than Yun. What's worse is Yun's way with words, which tear down Won until he can't help but prove Yun wrong, even if that means playing right into Yun's hands.


I love this art style. This isn't the first thing I've read from , but the other work is currently ongoing. Desperate for more of this unique artwork, I happened upon this title, and I am so glad. This style is so unique and cartoony. I'm typically not fond of overly cartoony styles, but this is so smooth and expressive it's hard not to enjoy. For anyone looking for a unique art style, this is the one. This style is awesome, especially when we have a character like Yun who goes against all social norms and is meant to be someone we're disturbed by. It's great. So, if you like the cover art, you'll love the content inside.

Cover art for Wonna Do It?! on Lezhin Comics

As far as character designs go, I do have to point out that while I find Yun's design interesting, neither Yun nor Won is attractive to me, but I don't think that's a bad thing, as their personalities are much more important. Won has an interesting personality to him. He's plain-looking with a slight superiority complex, but he's also ironically self-conscious. He seems pretty put together overall until Yun comments on the size of Won's penis (it being small, apparently), which causes him to break down and join Yun in this aggressive and violent state. Yun easily pulls Won down to his level, if not lower, touching on Won's insecurities. Seeing the cool Won break down to become just as aggressive and chaotic as Yun exposes how alike they are inside. Yun is just honest about it, while Won holds it inside, much like their looks. Won looks average and “normal,” while Yun appears wild and creepy. Ultimately, Yun just wants someone who fits with him, and in tormenting Won, he finds that someone.

This is one I desperately wish we could get a whole series of. It has so many exciting elements that are introduced but never explored because of the short length. The most interesting element of them all is our weirdo Yun. We see a few glimpses into who he is outside of his interactions with Won, and the very end shows him to be an average student alongside an interesting dreamlike sequence where it appears his childhood might have been cruel or neglectful. I would love to have explored this more, but it, unfortunately, ends right after we learn that Won and Yun go to school together, leaving us to wonder about Yun's mysterious past.

Without fleshing out his character, Yun ends up being chaotic for the sake of chaos. It works a bit better in this case since it's so short, and the focus of the narrative is on how chaotic he is, but because of that, this short feels hollow and superficial. Again, it scratches the surface of something deeper, but that's just an unsatisfying taste. I wish we had more because I really think there is strong potential here. Unfortunately, there are no side stories or even an author's note, giving me no hope that there might be potential for a fleshed-out series, unlike Placebo, which had a short and is now coming out with a full-fledged series. A girl can dream, though.


I like this one. It's chaotic and smutty, with something deeper and darker lurking just beneath the surface. I usually say that wanting more is a good thing, but this one had so much potential that I'd actually call it a negative this time around. If you're just looking for a beefy bottom with a “straight” top, this is it. However, if you want a deep story to accompany your , you will be disappointed.

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