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This review will contain spoilers for the and anime series A Dominating Prince and His Naughty Habits. While the manga may vary slightly from all other forms of media, it may have similar story elements and could be considered spoilers.

Trigger Warning: There may be references to slut-shaming, exotic animal ownership, , sex work, nonconsenting porn, servitude, child abandonment, extortion, dubious consent, classism, boss and employee relationships, sexual assault, car accident, blood, light blood play, human trafficking, and , as it appears in the manga.


Kadri was once an abandoned child in the Gulf state where he lives but was adopted by Grandma Jedda. Grandma Jedda raised Kadri as her own, teaching him all of her recipes and cooking techniques, and as a result, he started helping her run her restaurant. Now, he spends his evenings making his famous biryani while commanding the kitchen, living life to the fullest. However, his idyllic life goes a little off course when a wealthy man and relative to the king named Fati comes by. Fati wants to buy the restaurant so he can redevelop the area.

While it would mean plenty of money for Grandma Jedda and Kadri, they aren't willing to give up their precious restaurant. Since money doesn't seem to be enough to sway Kadri, Fati recommends another method of negotiation: sex. Kadri, a virgin, is stunned but is willing to do anything to keep his grandmother's restaurant open. So, he meets the wealthy Fati and intends to take him up on his offer. But when Kadri tries to take the lead, Fati laughs in his face.

Fati had no intention of being the bottom.

But for a sweet virgin like Kadri, the great Fati makes an exception.


The art in this is so cute. I really like 's art, and though it isn't perfect, it always has such great character to it, and this is no exception. Fati, in particular, is such a treat to see. He is equally as handsome as he is beautiful and embodies sex in every way imaginable. His character is peak art, and I recommend it for him alone. However, one thing that has always bothered me about Owal art is the ears. It gets better with every iteration of their art, but it's still not the best, with the farther of the ears always jutting out in the most unnatural way. Admittedly, that is super nitpicky of me, but I felt compelled to mention it.

Cover art for A Dominating Prince and His Naughty Habits by Owal

Now, I adore Fati. I mean, he's a switch, he's arrogant, and he's gorgeous, and he's definitely the best character in this manga. However, he isn't always that great of a dude. I love him pretty much anytime the focus is on him and his relationship with Kadri. But when his servants are in his sight, he seems to become a completely different person, not in a good way. His introduction is especially cruel as he punishes his servant Rabi with sex and then forces his other servant, Sadik, to also have sex with Rabi. I don't mind noncon or dubcon, personally, but I know plenty of others do, so I wanted to be sure to bring this up for any who would be bothered by it. I was more bothered by the jarring character change we see in Fati, but that's just me.

While we're on the topic of the servants, I could've done with less of them. They do serve as a way of pushing Fati and Kadri together, but their chemistry as a couple is extremely lacking. Rabi is a half-hearted tsundere type, while Sadik seems like he has the personality of a block of wood most of the time. He also does this cringy dueling move for Rabi's love, which is unfortunate more than funny or endearing. I loved that Rabi seemed to be a sub and masochist, but that was the extent of their interest as far as I'm concerned. As helpful sidekicks, they're great; anything more, and they overstay their welcome.

Though the story in this is minimal, in favor of more sex since this is a single-volume work, I really like what story there is. It's straightforward, with a man of the upper echelon looking to buy out a mom-and-pop shop for redevelopment. But it's a simple plot that really helps facilitate the relationship. When is a major focus of these shorter works, they try to put in a plot, but it's often far too complex for the length and ends up being a disappointment. Having a simple setup like this allows the focus to be on the relationship and, in turn, the smut, enhancing the quality of it all the way around. Sometimes, simple is best, and this is a perfect example of such.


I adore this. Besides the servant portions, every bit of this is right up my alley. Even considering the servant portions, I loved the rest so much that I can't help but call this a favorite. Fati has to be one of my favorite characters of all time. He is just so unapologetically himself, bold and arrogant, delicate yet strong, and a savvy businessman on top of it all. I could read a million volumes featuring Fati, and I have no doubt I would love every bit of it. I implore you to give this a shot for Fati if nothing else. He's so worth it.

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