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There will be spoilers for the series Your Wish Is My Command!.

Trigger Warning: There may be references to violence, blood, death, murder, pseudo-incest, obsession, tragic accident, mentions of car accidents, sexual assault, disordered eating, pet abandonment, PTSD, self-deprecation, drowning, drugging, , rape, gossiping, confinement, manipulation, break up, and suicidal ideation, as it appears in the manhwa.


Chiwoo longs to be with Hwan. Unfortunately, Hwan and Chiwoo were raised together as brothers after Chiwoo's parents passed away when a bridge collapsed. Chiwoo has always felt guilt as a result. He feels guilt for having survived when his parents died. He feels guilty for troubling Hwan's mom when she was already a single mother. And, of course, he feels guilt for sullying his relationship with Hwan, making it lustful when he knows it's anything but for Hwan. So, as soon as he can, he moves out of Hwan's home to live independently, but even with distance, he still finds himself drawn to Hwan.

Chiwoo orders a special toy for himself to try and sate his lust, but upon opening it, the toy lights up and summons a strange pink creature. As soon as it appears, it introduces itself as Sunny, and his goal is to grant Chiwoo's wish. Chiwoo can hardly believe it, and already, he imagines his one true wish coming true: being in a romantic relationship with Hwan. But surely it can't be that easy, and, of course, Sunny explains how his wish could come true. If Chiwoo joins Sunny in his war against his counterpart, Moony, Chiwoo will gain magical powers, which he will use to fight monsters sent by Moony.

Before he can even decide, a tentacle monster attacks, but to Chiwoo's surprise, the monster isn't as interested in destruction as it is in defiling Chiwoo. Thankfully, before he loses his innocence, he gets Sunny's power and defeats the tentacle creature. Having experienced the power of a magical guardian prince, Chiwoo sees this as a one-way ticket to having his dream come true. But what Chiwoo doesn't know is that the power of light he uses isn't so different from the power being used against him.


is everything. Their art is super recognizable and equally clean, often with vibrant colors, and this series is a perfect example of all those elements. I love the magical boy aesthetic, which fits 's style perfectly. Both of our main characters are nice to look at, though my favorite has to be Hwan. Hwan goes from clean-cut handsome to grungy handsome, and I love me a grungy hotty, something you don't often get to see in manhwa. Chiwoo is cute, of course, though his face is a bit inconsistent, sometimes very narrow, other times very wide. However, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the most crucial part of his magical boy ensemble: his dildo. Chiwoo's weapon, being a glass dildo, is everything and really sets us up for the smutty parody this is meant to be.

Cover art for Your Wish Is My Command! on Lezhin Comics

Not only does this setup of the magical boy represent Sagold's best art, but it also leads to an episodic-like depiction of nearly every smutty scenario one could want. From to beastmen, mermen to giants, and everything in between. This is a smutty smorgasbord with a little something for everyone. Unfortunately for some, this may not be the joyous romp fest you want. The idea is that Chiwoo is fighting against all these beings, and their primary method of fighting Chiwoo is through various sex acts. That means that essentially all of the sex during these episodic moments is noncon at worst and dubcon at best. I don't mind either, but I think it's important to note for those bothered by questionable consent in their manhwa. Now, that doesn't mean all of the is of questionable consent. There's some vanilla sex that happens between Hwan and Chiwoo that is plenty consensual, but that's after the magical boy sex portion and then is followed by some more noncon and dubcon. Be warned.

While this has a very fun and cutesy magical boy veneer, it has a Madoka Magica-like twist. I wouldn't say it's anywhere near as successful in turning the tables or bait-and-switching as that, but this still had a pretty good twist. Best boy Jin is set up to be the big bad. With his unrequited love for Chiwoo and his interactions with Moony, it's assumed that he is causing all the trouble. But then it's revealed that Jin isn't even real. He's a monster created from Moony's power by the real big bad Hwan. It is also revealed that the war between Moony and Sunny is what caused the bridge collapse that killed Chiwoo's parents. These cutesy creatures, beautiful clothes, and oddly sexual monsters are all a facade for what is a destructive battle that has gone on for generations and taken the lives of many innocents. I love that Hwan ends up being the villain, and his jealousy of Jin growing close to Chiwoo is his ultimate undoing, as destroying Jin leads to Chiwoo leaving him for good.

I especially like that while Chiwoo's wish doesn't come true, Hwan's does in a monkey's paw lite kind of way. History is rewritten, and Chiwoo lives as if the bridge never collapsed, meaning he ultimately moved away from Hwan. This means Hwan grew up entirely alone, and while he has all of his previous memories with Chiwoo, no one else does. However, the only way Chiwoo would have ever been happy with Hwan would be if he wasn't racked with survivor's guilt as well as the guilt of having taken resources from Hwan's mom when she adopted him. The only way for that to have occurred is if his parents had survived. So, while Hwan ultimately gets to be with Chiwoo (though not officially, which was a little disappointing), it's not without the consequence of starting their relationship from square one and without the dependency Chiwoo had on him before. It's a really nice resolution for Hwan and Chiwoo, punishing Hwan for being an ass and rewarding Chiwoo with the life he initially deserved. Bonus points: Jin gets to live as a real person and torment Hwan by being close to Chiwoo (highkey, I'm rooting for Jin). I do wish we had some side stories clarifying what happened with Chiwoo and whether he ended up with Hwan or Jin, but the main story is pretty satisfying as it is.


I really enjoyed this. It isn't perfect by any means, and even with its length of 69 (lol, funny number) episodes, it doesn't feel complete. The early episodes are a fun smutfest with lots of different dynamics and tropes all rolled into a single series, which is great. The BL twist on the magical girl genre is also a unique story element I would've never expected. However, if you're hoping for a complete , you might be disappointed. As much as I like what we have, I can't call this a favorite simply because of how lacking the romance is. If the day ever comes that some side stories come out to round out this series, I have no doubt this will end up in my favorites. I recommend this one.

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