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This review will contain spoilers for the and anime series My Dashing Delivery Driver. While the manga may vary slightly from all other forms of media, it may have similar story elements and could be considered spoilers.

Trigger Warning: There may be references to blood and sex work (is mentioned, not shown), as it appears in the manga.


Isshin just lost his job. Thankfully, the super hot and outgoing delivery man Haze is there to offer him a position at the delivery business he works at. Surely, this can't be any harder than what he did at his company job, right? Wrong. As it turns out, the delivery business is pretty labor intensive, which explains how Haze ended up with his ripped body.

Regardless, thankful for the opportunity to get so close and personal with Haze, Isshin does his best to succeed. After his first major blunder, his decide to throw him a celebration, much to Isshin's dismay. It only gets worse when Haze arrives to take part in celebrating his mistake. To dull the embarrassment, Isshin drinks excessively, resulting in him throwing up all over Haze and, in turn, his leather jacket.

With the jacket ruined and possibly even his chance with Haze ruined along with it, Isshin is determined to pay back Haze for the jacket. Haze is more than happy to take him up on the offer, taking advantage of the situation to work Isshin harder at work. Plus, this gives Haze the chance to tease his secret admirer, but what happens when Isshin takes the bait?


First off, art? Gorgeous. It's consistent and beautiful. However, I have to note that occasionally, the facial shapes get a little silly during some scenes, though it is very minor in comparison to the entirety of the work. Haze, in particular, is a gorgeous, tall, and buff man who is a sexual dynamo. He's also a power-bottom. I love it when the bottom is taller and more masculine than the top, which is the case here. Isshin is small, cute, and more than happy to be swept away by Haze in their whirlwind relationship.

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Speaking of their whirlwind relationship, I love all of the green flags involved in this. A common and often unfortunate trope of BL/ is dubcon (dubious consent). There is none of that in this. It's all consensual sexiness. On top of that, their relationship outside the bedroom is equally healthy. Haze went out of his way to help Isshin get a better job, even though it meant they wouldn't be working together anymore. This does cause a slight misunderstanding between Haze and Isshin, as Isshin feels this is Haze either wanting to separate himself or not taking their relationship as seriously as he does. But Haze truly just wants Isshin to flourish, and what's even better is this leads to a super fluffy scene where Haze and Isshin admit their flaws and feelings for each other. It will give you all the fuzzy feels.

Beyond the fuzzy feelings, though, is some really sexy time. So, you'll get just as many hot and steamy feelings on top of the fluffy and fuzzy feelings. I have a thing for biting and hickeys, and Haze gets covered in tons of them (if you are also into biting, I recommend Please Don't Bite Me So Much!). Isshin is prone to nosebleeds because of how sexy Haze is, and I was, too. The worst part of this is that we don't get to see more of Haze's and Isshin's sexy time than we do, which is a great problem to have.


We all deserve a Haze in our lives, someone willing to push us to do better for ourselves, even if it means they don't get anything out of it. Fluff and sex are done exceedingly well. I highly recommend this one, especially for anyone who hasn't tried out yaoi manga for the first time. It's a great one. On the other hand, if you'd rather have more fluffy than , give My Frilly Secret a try.

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