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This review will contain spoilers for the and anime series No One Said Anything About a Baby! -What Happens When a Military Man Meets Alien !?-. While the manga may vary slightly from all other forms of media, it may have similar story elements and could be considered spoilers.

Trigger Warning: There may be references to mpreg, military, , prejudice, sexual assault, dubious consent, child neglect, and confinement, as it appears in the manga.


Yu is a sergeant in the army. Things have been way different than he ever imagined in this role when he was a child because have made contact with Earth. Thankfully, this alien race only came with the best of intentions: we'll give you all of our technology and advancements if you let us breed with your people. The alien race is from the planet Lambda, the Lambadians. They are a peaceful people, with their only intent being to propagate their species further. The human race is an optimal one, and the citizens of Earth are happy to make the trade.

Yu imagined flying choppers and the like, but with all of the innovations provided by the Lambadians, helicopters and many other technologies, once commonplace in the army, have been replaced with much more advanced variations. In Yu's country, there still isn't much in the way of breeding between humans and the Lambadians, but that might just change when Yu is assigned as the guide for Lambadian diplomat Sui. It isn't love at first sight for either of them, but Sui is determined to breed with Yu because Yu stole Sui's heart when he was just a child.

Unfortunately, men are perfectly capable of giving birth when breeding with a Lambadian, and Yu must avoid that fate for three months while Sui is on Earth. Can Yu protect himself from Sui's wiles? Or will he be the first human male to give birth to a Lambadian child?


The art is cute. It's not perfect. I'm not fond of how triangular their faces are. Also, how their hair is shaped gives some of the characters a diamond-shaped head. It's still very cute, though. It's just not my preference. It is a unique style, and it can be very pretty in some panels, but it can sometimes be a little inconsistent. Otherwise, it's just fine. I especially love Sui's design. His tentacles often function as a sort of tail, giving him a puppy dog look. I love it so much. Seeing them wag in some panels is just adorable.

Cover art for No One Said Anything About a Baby! -What Happens When a Military Man Meets Alien Tentacles!?- by

Beyond the art, it's worth talking about how awesome it is that Lambadians have built-in birth control. They can only impregnate their partner if their partner wants it. I wish that were a thing, but that's not the only remarkable thing about Lambadian reproduction. The Lambadians receive pleasure from their partners. They feel good when their partners feel good and, as a result, climax when their partner climaxes. It makes for a very balanced experience for both parties, which is fantastic. However, since they can sense when the other party is feeling pleasure, it leads to dubious consent scenarios as they rely more on what the body is feeling than what their partner is saying. So there is that. I don't mind dubcon or noncon, personally, but I wanted to note this because I know some people would rather not see it, which is totally understandable.

Unfortunately, with this being a single-volume work, it is super short. With many and sci-fi concepts, I always feel like they should have been longer. This actually does a pretty good job delving into Lambadians, how they breed, and how it works with a male partner. However, the foundation for Sui and Yu's relationship is rather superficial. Yu saved Sui when he was a child, lost on Earth. It's a sweet story but not very deep. It's hard to imagine a life-long love would manifest from that short interaction. I would've loved to have seen more background on Sui and how his interaction with Yu changed his life on Lambda, but oh well.

As with every comic I read that involves , I wish we got to see either more of the pregnancy or more child-rearing. Compared to the and leading up to the pregnancy, the pregnancy and child-rearing portions are a blip on the radar. It's unfortunate since all of this started by the Lambadians wanting to propagate. It's fine narratively that there isn't much present, but I was really hoping for more. I am glad we got to see the birth and the baby in the end, but I always want more.


This is fine. It's not one I would go out of my way to recommend to anyone, but if you are just really hankering for some smut, tentacles, and mpreg, look no further. It's very superficial, with some fun and exciting concepts. I would have loved something longer so we could explore more about the alien race, but I think this achieved what it set out to do with some smutty fun and a message about acceptance.

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