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There will be spoilers for the series Business as Unusual.

Content Warning: There may be references to overwork, mentions of dieting, bullying, toxic masculinity, breakups, gossiping, excessive drinking, obsession, mentions of cheating, perceived cheating, peer pressure, violence, and ableism (possibly offensive use of the word ‘crazy'), as it appears in the manhwa.


Minjun's life revolves around his job. Even when he's off, he's often on the phone fielding inquiries and dealing with issues related to his job. All while he's working, though he puts on a pleasant and helpful front, he's constantly cursing and bemoaning his life. He longs to travel. He longs to do more. He longs to break out of this chaotic and busy hum-drum of a life. But right in the middle of his daily venting and daydreaming, he hears a strangely familiar voice nearby. As he nears, the voice reminds him of someone.

But it couldn't be, could it?

Minjun wanted a change in his life, but this was not what he was expecting.

As it turns out, the person he heard speaking was none other than his ex-boyfriend Jinhwan. Seeing him again brings back so many sweet memories, but those memories are tainted by the cruel way Jinhwan indirectly ended things all those years ago. While Minjun is more than willing to ignore the past and do the bare minimum to keep the peace at work, Jinhwan doesn't seem to have the same plan. It looks like, just like in college, Jinhwan is all too happy to pursue Minjun despite their rocky past.

Their was snuffed out before it could really begin in their early twenties. What are the odds that they could do any better in their thirties?


The art in this isn't my favorite. It's very, very pretty when it's done well, but it looks a bit off when not. Particularly, the eyes are often far too large or close together in some panels, and, admittedly, the style feels a bit like off-brand Fujoking (specifically gives me Dirty ♥ Vibration vibes). Don't get me wrong, though; this series has beautiful panels, and I'm sure most of you will call me silly for saying it's inconsistent and not my favorite, but I just couldn't bring myself to love it. The smudgy coloring, the sometimes heavy outlines, the occasional classic -hand, and the lack of shading in the expressions just weren't it for me. Many of you will probably love it, though. I'm just super nitpicky.

Cover art for Business as Unusual Lezhin Comics

Similarly, the story was not it for me, which is wild since it's based on work by , who is probably my favorite manhwa writer of all time. I was shocked until I noticed Moscareto was credited for the original, but the writing was credited to someone else, and I was minutely comforted. The story is absolutely chaotic. It tries hard to shove in as much text as possible (presumably from the novel this is based on) without really tying it into the narrative itself. I've complained about stories being disjointed before. Well, I'd say this is the truly disjointed story. Part of the problem is that the text it fits in isn't necessarily dialogue but exposition and inner thoughts. I wish we had seen more of what was happening to cause those thoughts rather than just seeing walls of exposition. I feel that if I read the novel, I'd much prefer that. The adaptation of it into a visual medium just wasn't as well done as I would've expected.

Funnily enough, with all the exposition we get, the issue that started all of this tension is just glossed over. This entire story is based on a very silly misunderstanding. So, the reason Minjun and Jinhwan break up (if you can even call it that) after their first time having sex is because Minjun overhears Jinhwan talking about someone being super annoying, that he doesn't know what he was thinking, and that he wouldn't be dragging anything out. Minjun immediately assumes this is referring to him, and rather than confront Jinhwan about it, he just leaves. He blocks Jinhwan's number, takes a leave of absence from school, and then enlists in the military. It's especially frustrating when it's clear that Minjun is wrong for running away rather than talking, thus leaving Jinhwan to wonder what happened. I'm shocked Jinhwan even tried to pursue him again, but we're in BL-land, where everything is possible. Misunderstandings and lack of communication in your first real relationship in your early college years? That's pretty understandable. Annoying but understandable. However, when they are adults and finally have a chance to clear the air over what occurred, they never do? They each bring up their side; Jinhwan says it was him trying to shake off clingers, and then after a very brief stint of being friends, they just decide to sleep together, and it's like every wrong has been righted. That was so painfully irritating for me.

There's a chance for some clarity and further fleshing out during the side stories, as we see everything from Jinhwan's point of view, including the moment that started all the pain and trauma, and just when it seems we're going to finally get a clearer version of his side of the story, and, as a result, some level of closure, we don't see anything. There's no clarification on who he's talking to and who he was talking about, and it doesn't even take the time to show what he said when Minjun could hear and then a little bit after. We're left entirely in the dark, which sucks so bad. Their romance feels hollow and empty, as a result, since this horrible thing that tore them apart is just never truly resolved. I also have to mention how often Minjun walks away from Jinhwan, only for Jinhwan to come after him. I swear, Minjun attempts to walk away three or four times, only to be stopped by Jinhwan each time. That is often a very romantic gesture, but it loses its intensity when it happens so often. Granted, it is used for comedic effect occasionally, but for it to happen so much in a 20-episode series (including side stories), that's just too much. I just see no chemistry between these two, and they probably were better off breaking up all that time ago.


Admittedly, this story pisses me off. I never thought the day would come when I would complain about a Moscareto story, but today's the day. I don't know how much to put on the adaptation versus the original, but regardless, this was a huge miss for me. It's far heavier in exposition than it should be, yet what needs to be said and discussed never is. It's unfortunate, as I think the foundation for the story has a ton of potential with the exes-to-lovers, second-chance trope, but it just couldn't deliver. There are much better Moscareto adaptations out there (with Moscareto much more involved, as far as I can tell), so check those out if you want to give them a shot. Otherwise, steer clear.

Have you read Business as Unusual? If so, what do you think? Do you agree with my assessment? Do you not? Let me know, and comment below!

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2 thoughts on “Manhwa Review | Business as Unusual by Moscareto”

  1. Wow, that is a Sekaiichi Hatsukoi level of misunderstanding! (The whole, Ritsu thinking Takano awkwardly laughing at him meant they were breaking up, so he literally moves away without even having a conversation.) I hate that type of miscommunication, where a single question could fix the issue. Shame this one was such a miss!

    • Such a shame, as I don’t get a chance to read much second-chance/exes-to-lovers titles. The horrible break up was really hyped up, so when it was revealed to be something so minor, it was shockingly underwhelming. I’d be upset, too, at that age, and probably even leave to have a moment to myself, but I definitely wouldn’t go so far as to block them and then enlist in the military to get away. Oh well. Some you win, some you lose, I guess. Thank you so much for checking out my review.


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