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There will be spoilers for the series From Points of Three.

Trigger Warning: There may be references to , stalking, sextortion, extortion, dubious consent (dubcon), cheating, manipulation, and violence as it appears in the manhwa.


Jisuh is in a lot of debt. Due to his last relationship, which ended in Jisuh having to bail out his cheating boyfriend from some thugs using all of his savings and loans, Jisuh has trouble trusting anyone. He is more than happy to form a physical relationship with someone, but if there's even a chance he could get hurt, he's quick to cut ties and run. This rule applies to the famous actor Woo Heejae.

Jisuh happens to meet Heejae on a set where Jisuh is filming, and Heejae is the lead actor. Heejae isn't initially drawn to him as he's pretty plain-looking, but then Jisuh calls Heejae a snake. Having never been perceived in such a way, Heejae is immediately attracted to Jisuh's view of things. So, Heejae comes up with a plan to pull Jisuh into his grasp.

In exchange for helping pay off Jisuh's debt, Heejae wants Jisuh to film him and his partner, Sun-yool, during their BDSM play. And while Jisuh's role is a viewer, he imagines himself as a participant. What a surprise it is when Heejae reaches out to him and invites him to join them. It's just a physical relationship. Nothing could go wrong, right?


First thing first, let's talk about the artwork. It's… fine. I've read this three times now, and I can't decide if I like it or hate it. I certainly don't love it, but there are moments where it is particularly sketchy and disproportionate and others where it looks really lovely. Sun-yool is probably the best-looking and most consistently well-drawn of the cast, which is unfortunate since, for most of the main story, he is the second choice and often there just to cause drama between Jisuh and Heejae. Jisuh is pretty plain-looking, which I think works for him and his personality. I think he's described as tofu at some point in the author's notes, which is absolutely perfect. The most disappointing design and probably the most inconsistent is Heejae. Very rarely is there a male lead that isn't my type, but Heejae might be one of the few. He's supposed to be a handsome actor who's cool, calm, and collected, but I think he's actually very, very plain and dull-looking. Tofu-Jisuh is more interesting than he is and is more attractive, in my opinion. Is the art terrible? No, but is it exciting or interesting? I wouldn't say so. The epilogue for Sun-yool has some really great art, but it's just disappointing that it isn't that way all the way through.

Cover art of From Points of Three on Lezhin Comics

I also feel like this one is a bit deceiving. The title From Points of Three implies that we'll get three different viewpoints and that the will play a significant role. We do get three different viewpoints, but the third point, Sun-yool, is pretty much nonexistent until the end of everything and in his side story, but overall, his role is minor. It was a bit disappointing because part of the allure is the prospect of the love triangle and the dynamic of these three individuals together. But it really only happens that one time, then it is the story of Heejae and Jisuh for the rest of the time, with Sun-yool popping in and out from time to time. I really loved the first episodes when they had their threesome dynamic, and I wish that had been further developed before Jisuh focused on Heejae. If you are hoping for more of that threesome dynamic between these three, I'm sorry to say that you will be disappointed.

Now, this is something I usually wouldn't point out, but this is a unique situation. There are a lot of grammar issues and typos in this. There are very few manhwa out there that you will find to be perfectly translated and perfectly edited. There are always going to be one or two typos or grammar mistakes. However, I find this one to have way more than usual. It's disappointing and jarring how many there are. There are enough in there that I feel I have to mention it, as I feel the amount might severely turn some people off in this official release.

I feel I've only been negative during this review, but I want to be clear and say that I did like this. One of the best parts about this is Jisuh. Usually, when the main character discovers that they have been betrayed or manipulated, they fall apart. Maybe they break up for a time, but inevitably, they get back together. This does a pretty impressive bait-and-switch, with Jisuh seemingly accepting Heejae's apology and moving in with him when, in reality, he plans on manipulating Heejae and getting revenge. I loved that so much. Unfortunately, it wasn't executed all that well, but it was still interesting to see it done. Also, Sun-yool is great. I wish he had been the main lead because he was a ray of sunshine among a bunch of storm clouds (looking at you, Jisuh and Heejae). I'm so glad he got his happy ending in the side stories. His side story is the part I find myself returning to the most, and it is the strongest narratively and art-wise, so if you're willing to work your way through the main story, then I think you'll find it was well worth it for Sun-yool's story.


Would I readily recommend this? Probably not. It's okay, but there are so many stronger BL manhwa, both in the story and in the quality of the art. I am glad I read it, but I don't think I would have missed much if I hadn't. The threesome was fun, but I really needed more for it to have been worth it. Sun-yool makes this entire series, which is unfortunate since he doesn't get much of a role until his side story, but once he takes center stage, he truly is the star.

Have you read From Points of Three? If so, what do you think? Do you agree with my assessment? Do you not? Let me know, and comment below!

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