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There will be spoilers for the series Mistaken Lover.

Trigger Warning: There may be references to betrayal, possessiveness, and manipulation, as it appears in the manhwa.


Jingeon has to protect his best friend. Heeseo, the friend in question, has a very set type regarding those he falls for. They're usually very pretty, cat-like, and always older than he is. So Jingeon doesn't expect any different when Heeseo asks him to help take his place at work while he helps out at another branch. That's where his love interest is, and he's very different from what Heeseo usually goes for. Jingeon doesn't believe Heeseo, but he's still going to help him out so he can be sure this guy isn't going to hurt his friend.

As soon as Jingeon meets Dongyeon, he's not worried about Heeseo being betrayed by his new love interest. If anything, he's terrified that he will hurt his friend. Dongyeon is exactly Jingeon's type, and with Heeseo out of the picture, Jingeon can't help but test the waters. Can Jingeon hold back his growing feelings for Dongyeon for the sake of his friendship? Or will he lose both of them because of his inability to choose?


The art for this reminds me a bit of Fujoking's art, which is fantastic. I wasn't expecting the artist of Invitation of the Mystic Messenger to draw like this since everyone in Invitation of the Mystic Messenger was so cute and pretty. That's not to say people in this aren't pretty or cute, but it's just a very different style of cute and pretty. It feels like entirely other artists worked on these pieces, which isn't bad. It's impressive. If you like Fujoking, you'll probably like this art style, especially further into the series. If you liked Invitation of the Mystic Messenger, they have some similar elements but look very different.

Cover art for Mistaken Lover on TappyToon

However, as far as the story goes, this is “Misunderstanding, the Manhwa.” If you aren't a fan of misunderstandings and manipulation, run. That is all this manhwa is. It's not too bad, especially since the reader isn't even aware of the misunderstanding causing all the initial trouble. Still, it is painfully irritating once it is revealed why Jingeon and Dongyeon are suffering so much. Heeseo is the misunderstanding. As it turns out, Heeseo wanted to hook Jingeon up with Dongyeon to pursue his actual love interest, Seungwoo, without fear of Seungwoo falling for Jingeon, as all of his past love interests had done. Ah, the webs Heeseo has weaved. It's needlessly complicated but really highlights how goofy and airheaded Heeseo is. I love him. I can't even lie.

It's not all Heeseo's fault, though. Jingeon is pretty bad at communicating, too. His issues would be resolved if he was honest with Dongyeon and Heeseo (mainly Dongyeon). There's a point when Dongyeon confesses to Jingeon, and rather than Jingeon explaining that he can't be with Dongyeon because Heeseo likes him, he just says he can't date him. As expected, after all of the physical affection and dates, Dongyeon is understandably upset and even feels used. If he had just explained why he had to decline, there wouldn't have been the bumpy road of having to win Dongyeon back. It was very in character for Heeseo to create misunderstandings due to his poor communication skills, but it felt out of character for Jingeon, who seems much calmer and more logical.

The side couple in this is actually really, really fun. I love that Heeseo and Seungwoo both assume the other is the bottom. I love puppy dog tops, which Seungwoo is. Airheaded bottoms, which our beloved Heeseo is, are also a favorite of mine. They're just a really good time. I like our main couple, too, but they are much more low-key in terms of personality than the side couple.


This can be rather annoying. I do like it, but I can imagine many people being bothered by the fact that it is 100% misunderstanding-based. There's no smut, but there is sexual and sensual content, which I am always up for. This certainly isn't my favorite, but it's a good time nonetheless. As long as you aren't irritated by the premise, you'll probably enjoy it. It's good quality.

Have you read Mistaken Lover? If so, what do you think? Do you agree with my assessment? Do you not? Let me know, and comment below!

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