Manhwa Review | Rain Again by Jeong Seokchan



There will be spoilers for the series Rain Again.

Trigger Warning: There may be references to bullying, violence, and death as it appears in the manhwa.


Wujin is living life listlessly. He goes through the motions, just enough to stay alive and keep a roof over his head. He's a recent graduate with no thoughts or feelings about his future. To escape the past that has placed him in this frozen state, he moves as far away as his funds will allow him. One day, while running an errand for his new landlord around the apartment building, he runs into his neighbor, Jin. Jin is a mysterious man. He comes home more often with wounds than not, with looks that could kill.

Most people would be dissuaded from getting close to him. Yet, for some inexplicable reason, Wujin is drawn to him. As Wujin tears down the walls of this mystery man, he discovers that Jin is much more gentle and caring than he lets on. He also has a darker past that he is doing his best to escape. What Wujin doesn't expect is for Jin to turn around and tear down his walls, as well. With two people suffering from mistakes they can't escape, will they continue to run together, or will they run apart?


This is beautiful. This was the first thing I read from , and it certainly wasn't the last. The only reason I read it was because of how short it was. I figured it would be a quick read since it is only 20 episodes long, including the epilogue. So I wasn't expecting much of anything, but boy, was I mistaken. This story is short because it says all it needs to effortlessly. This is a story about two people trying to atone for their spotted pasts. It's painful, raw, sexy, and beautiful. It doesn't get much better than that.

Cover art for Rain Again on Tapas

The art is not the best. It's rather boxy and isn't always proportionate, but it isn't ugly by any means. As always, it gets better as the story goes, but it won't be anything you'll write home about. Even so, the art isn't why you will want to read this. It's important, sure, but the story is really where this shines. That is not to say there aren't beautiful moments because there are. It just won't be the main course in the dinner that is this manhwa. Jin's lips, though. YUM.

On the topic of yummy things, this does contain sexy moments in it, though there is no explicit nudity, and I would not lump this in with smut or pornhwa. I have marked this as mature since it does show the sex scenes, though not with any nudity, censored or otherwise. You will see Jin's butt, but I wouldn't say it is gratuitous at all. It's just enough to create intimacy between Jin and Wujin. I still wouldn't recommend reading this at a family dinner, but it's nothing that will scare anyone if they do happen to catch a glance. It's very nice.

I would typically say that the worst part about this is that it ends, but in reality, the best part about this is that it ends. It is concise, and I don't think it would have been nearly as successful if anything else had been added to it. I wanted more, of course, but it was enough. It tells the exact story it intends to without any additional or unnecessary fluff. You'll be able to knock this out in an hour, but you'll spend many hours rereading it because it is just that good. You believe in their love because it isn't just based on surface-level things.


It's so short and so good that I can't recommend it enough. Because it is so short, the entire series is pretty cheap. You can't go wrong with this one. It's about two people who are punishing themselves for pasts they can't erase. They come together seeking comfort and understanding but ultimately learn to forgive themselves for things they can't possibly change. Read it. I promise it's worth it.

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