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There will be spoilers for the series The Good Teacher.

Trigger Warning: There may be references to impersonation and conning as it appears in the manhwa.


Ahn Seunghyun is a great actor. He's also very talented in the bedroom. So, as somewhat of a joke, he decides to post an opportunity for people to learn how to be better in the sack, not expecting much to come of it, until he receives a drunken message from a student named Hojun. As it turns out, Hojun was recently dumped because of his poor performance in the bedroom, and he desperately wants to improve himself.

Curious about the gullible and desperate young man, Ahn Seunghyun combines both of his talents and assumes the identity of Mr. Ahn, sex professor extraordinaire. To Mr. Ahn's surprise, Hojun is just as genuine and sweet as he imagined. Moreover, he is just Mr. Ahn's type, so he is more than happy to continue the charade, especially as he trains Hojun to be his ideal lover.

Unfortunately, as time passes and the lessons turn into dates, Mr. Ahn feels guilty. He has to confess that the class was a lie and that he isn't a sex teacher. But he could end up losing Hojun in the process.


First off, the art. Don't let the colorful cover fool you. This is almost entirely in black and white, minus the side stories, and I'm honestly pleased it was. The creator shared the initial drafts in color, and I really hated them. The color palette was very warm, which isn't my favorite, and the details in the faces were lost. I know it could be that it was just a draft, and that stuff would have been adjusted later, but based on what I saw, black and white was the way to go. The side stories are in color and are very nice, so if you like the cover, you'll enjoy the side stories. Now, while the coloring choice was a welcome one, the art style itself isn't all that consistent. I find that the facial shapes go kinda wonky, especially the chins and jawlines, which, having started another series by , seems to be a common issue or art choice. Now, when the art is good, it is good, especially during the sex scenes, which there are plenty of in this short series.

Cover art for The Good Teacher on Lezhin Comics

The setup for this is super fun, though a bit unbelievable. Why anyone would think setting up a sex class would be a funny joke is beyond me, but it leads to many funny and sweet moments, so who cares how believable the setup is? It allows us to see how seriously Seunghyun takes everything and makes you feel for Seunghyun. He could have easily just played around and made stuff up, but he buys books on the subject, takes notes, and really wants to help Hojun, which I am sure is also due to Hojun being exactly Seunghyun's type. It does have this odd effect that you don't really feel sorry for Hojun until he starts to imagine Seunghyun with other students, which reminds you that all of this is a big lie.

The crux of the conflict is certainly Seunghyun lying to Hojun only to fall in love with him and want to be honest. Like Seunghyun, I imagined Hojun taking it well because of his laid-back and carefree personality. Still, I was pleasantly surprised that he went against both my and Seunghyun's expectations. Hojun gets very upset and embarrassed, resulting in them not talking for a while. I was thrilled with this outcome because most of the story is relatively easygoing, with the only tension being that we and Seunghyun know this is all fake. There is some tension when Seunghyun's ex pops in and starts taunting Hojun, but otherwise, there really isn't all that much.

We finally reach the apex of the conflict, with Hojun deciding he needs time and not wanting to speak to Seunghyun for a while. Unfortunately, though, the tension is resolved very quickly. Seunghyun ends up getting sick and Hojun, being the sweetheart he is, comes to Seunghyun's rescue, then all is fine and dandy, and the ex ends up bowing out. It's a very lackluster ending, especially since the story is already pretty short. That's not to say I didn't enjoy it. I did, and I loved seeing them come back together, but I would have enjoyed more tension and depth to the story.


This is fine. If you want a sweet, cute, and sexy story, then look no further. You will undoubtedly be disappointed if you want a story with depth and tension. It's a short read that's a perfect palate cleanser between darker fair. It's also fun to go back and enjoy those sexy, sexy sex scenes. It's a fun time for a short time, for sure.

Have you read The Good Teacher? If so, what do you think? Do you agree with my assessment? Do you not? Let me know, and comment below!

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